Don’t Click This Link If You Love Your Sony Mirrorless Camera

Rest in Pixels, Sony mirrorless camera. Whatever is happening here, it will remind you to keep your precious camera out of reach of children.

A grisly photo has been making the rounds in photography groups and even Reddit threads that shows a kid in a pool holding a Sony A7 mirrorless camera. If that photo has reached your feeds, we’re sure you had a mini heart attack, especially if you have the exact same camera that you hold dear and take good care of. If not, we have to apologize in advance for the intense cringe that will happen in 3, 2, 1…

Yep, don’t say we didn’t warn you! As one user pointed out on the Reddit thread, that Sony A7 camera is toast. Very toast. The A7 has some weather sealing and some lenses can take some splashes here and there. But anyone with a fair bit of experience with cameras will tell you that weatherproof and splash-proof doesn’t equate waterproof. That’s why there are underwater camera housing for use with A7 series cameras. So yes, the expensive camera and lens are goners.

You’ll either feel bad for the photographer who owns this camera, or you’ll say they must have been stupid for letting a kid fiddle around with it (while in a pool no less). Some suggested that the camera may already be broken in the first place, but why make the lens suffer as well? We don’t know for sure what exactly is happening, where the photo originally came from, and who posted it (and is responsible for the myriad of feelings going on in the photography community right now). If you took this photo or have any info about it, we need to know!

Again, let this be a lesson to all photographers out there — keep your precious gear out of reach of children!

Image taken from Reddit.