Does Anyone Remember the Budweiser Can Camera?

You’ll surely be the life of the party if you take along this cool Budweiser can camera.

If you’re a fan and collector of quirky yet cool cameras, we’re sure you’ll love our latest vintage find. This Budweiser Can point-and-shoot camera looks like it was made for parties and will instantly steal the show wherever you go! There’s only a few of them lurking around, so if this sounds like something you want to add to your camera collection, step right up and decide!

We found some stock of this Budweiser Can camera (canmera?) on eBay and Etsy, which are still in good condition. They come in different packaging and designs, so it’s safe to say that Budweiser released this in two versions or batches. The first one, which the Etsy seller has, features the Budweiser logo in the cursive script style from 1910-1945, while the other has the design used from 1987-1999.

Photo Jottings also made an in-depth post about this cool camera, and included some specs:

Lens; uncoated meniscus, 35mm F/10 focus-free, range from 1.2m to infinity.

Shutter; single-speed about 1/100s.

Dimensions; 65mm x 123mm.

Weight; 145g.

Produced in 1998.

Film type; 35mm (135 format). Some earlier models used 110 film.

Made in China for the American Distribution Company.

This camera must have been forgotten for years, yet has remained an elusive collectible even among film photographers. It received a little bit of spotlight when it was featured in a Negative Feedback video (below), where George Muncey described it as the best-designed camera he has ever used.


This camera isn’t appealing because of its features and image quality: it’s the unexpected design and tactile quality that make it fun and fascinating. Not only do we see it being picked up by film photographers and camera collectors, but we can also see how product designers will find this appealing. As Muncey pointed out in his video, everything feels consciously designed to look cool and be fun to use.

The reveal of where and how the camera opens is one thing; how the other functionalities are also well-placed is another. As pointed out in the video, it even has a flash, a button for taking multiple exposures, and the ring tab that lets you rewind the film. They are integrated so well into the can design that it may be hard to believe that it’s actually a working camera!

Now, if you’re ready to grab one of these quirky can-meras while you still can, the eBay version is going for $59.99. If you want the Etsy version, you’ll have to cough up a little more; $175.50. Whichever you choose, better be quick because it may be some time before these pop up on our radar again!


Photos from TheGreatUnknownCo (Etsy) and storagefinders (eBay)