Galin Vasilev Unveils the Textures of Bulgaria Through Aerial Photography

All photos by Galin Vasilev. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

We often turn to aerial photography to marvel at perspectives that are typically hidden from us. Today’s featured body of work is yet another beautiful example. In his series titled Symbiosis, Bulgarian photographer Galin Vasilev showcases a stunning collection of textures from his country, as revealed by his aerial snaps. If you’re a big fan of abstract approaches to photography, we think you should definitely check this out.

As is the case with many of our featured aerial photography projects, Symbiosis, is a symphony of colors, textures, and patterns that are a testament to nature as a prolific artist. Through his aerial snaps, Vasilev introduces us to the artful beauty that awaits those who are brave and persistent enough to seek it out. Some of these locations may not be particularly noteworthy to some, made commonplace by the presence of human activity. However, this was precisely the main inspiration for this body of work.

In his project description, Vasilev said that Symbiosis aims to show the “interaction between people and nature, looking at them as two different species that coexist.” The photographs, he also noted, were “captured as part of the texture of something larger.” Some of them may be easily recognizable, while others lean more towards the abstract; either way, he also notes that they all exude a different mood or feeling.

Vasilev also reiterated that aerial photography, just like macro photography, can show us the familiar in an unfamiliar way. “Just like macro photography can make the small big, so can aerial photography make the big small which enhances the idea of how small and irrelevant we are from afar, but what big influence we have over the surface of the Earth.”

Visit Galin Vasilev’s Behance portfolio to stay updated with his photography projects.