5 of the Best Places in the World for Photographing Public Festivals

Photographing public festivals is one of my favorite things to do. Whenever I travel, I like to connect with someone local and follow them to their county’s traditional celebrations. I have had the pleasure of attending well-known public festivals, and the honor of photographing some lesser known events as well. To inspire you, I will share them in this article. I’ll also cover some public festivals I dream of photographing one day.

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Galin Vasilev Unveils the Textures of Bulgaria Through Aerial Photography

All photos by Galin Vasilev. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

We often turn to aerial photography to marvel at perspectives that are typically hidden from us. Today’s featured body of work is yet another beautiful example. In his series titled Symbiosis, Bulgarian photographer Galin Vasilev showcases a stunning collection of textures from his country, as revealed by his aerial snaps. If you’re a big fan of abstract approaches to photography, we think you should definitely check this out.

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Emil Rashkovski Captures the Misty Autumn Mornings of Bulgaria’s Shiroka Polyana

All images by Emil Rashkovski. Used with Creative Commons permission.

For many landscape photographers, it’s not enough to simply scout the perfect location to photograph. It’s also worth knowing which is the best time to be out there to capture the scenes exactly how it is envisioned. After several visits to the Shiroka Polyana dam, Bulgaria-based Emil Rashkovski was able to narrow down one of the perfect times of the day and the year to shoot in one of his favorite locations; mornings in autumn.

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