Emil Rashkovski Captures the Misty Autumn Mornings of Bulgaria’s Shiroka Polyana

All images by Emil Rashkovski. Used with Creative Commons permission.

For many landscape photographers, it’s not enough to simply scout the perfect location to photograph. It’s also worth knowing which is the best time to be out there to capture the scenes exactly how it is envisioned. After several visits to the Shiroka Polyana dam, Bulgaria-based Emil Rashkovski was able to narrow down one of the perfect times of the day and the year to shoot in one of his favorite locations; mornings in autumn.

All these visits eventually led to Textures, Rashkovski’s dreamy black and white landscape photos of the beautiful Shiroka Polyana. The reservoir lake is situated in Bulgaria’s Western Rhodopes mountains, surrounded by a forest of old pine trees. He kept shooting there within a period of about a year, and focused on a particular part of the bank where misty mornings are a daily occurrence. Each time he returned, he kept discovering something new and fascinating, inspiring him in his landscape photography in the process.

“The first time I saw this dam was during a long trip in the autumn of 2014. Since then, this unique place, located in the Western Rhodopes, surrounded by magnificent coniferous forests, has a special place in my heart. Over the years I did come back there many times and each time I discover[ed] something new, which fascinates me and occupies my mind — details, morning water vapors, pastel shades of autumn, raw forms of winter, reflections, shadows of the night. All this makes me feel at home, fills me with energy and gratitude, which I would like to experience again and again.”

Rashkovski shot most of Textures in long exposure, making his snaps even more dramatic. While the set would most likely still look fascinating in color, I think he made the right choice to go for black and white as it emphasized the shapes and textures of his stunning location. Lastly, the misty atmosphere also works wonders in this minimalist monochrome treatment.

Visit Emil Rashkovski’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his impressive landscape photography.