Ben Geier Highlights Moods and Architectural Aesthetics in “Houses”

All photos by Ben Geier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Not too long ago, we placed the spotlight on the melancholy mood of abandoned buildings as photographed by Ben Geier. It was a testament to the stories, atmosphere, and history that charm photographers into training their lens on urban exploration. But, the previously featured series is just one of the bodies of work on abandoned houses and architecture that he put together. Another that caught our attention is his Houses series, which features some really interesting houses he photographed from 2012 to 2019.

Geier’s series features more than just a bunch of houses across the US. It presents a good range of moods, from eerie horror vibes and cozy small spaces to nostalgic suburban feels. Each of the houses — a good number of them abandoned — have either seen the test of time or been worn out by it. They have also retained pretty much all the quirks and unique qualities that make them eye-catching then, now, and most likely in the years to come. The bright red door of a dilapidated shack. Gaping open windows and entrance of a bleak white house. A Gothic Revival schoolhouse lying in ruins and keeping its history a secret. Just to name a few.

While a melancholy mood can’t be helped in some of the shots, Houses goes beyond the emotive aspect. We can also look at this from a documentary perspective, as a visual reference for the architectural aesthetics that are still around for us to explore and chronicle.

I’m sure that Geier will keep this series going for as long as he can find some interesting houses to call our attention to. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for what he’ll find once he begins to take this project outside the US!

If you’re into projects like this, we also suggest checking out Kevin Bauman’s portrait of Detroit’s past in 100 Abandoned Houses.

Check out Ben Geier’s website and Behance portfolio as well to see more of his photography.