The Latest Capture One Style Pack Embraces the Look of Film, Sort of

The latest Capture One Style Pack is called Reverie, and it’s in collaboration with the founder of LOOKSLIKEFILM.

Today Capture One users can pick up the Reverie style pack that was done with Lukas Pitatek, the founder of LOOKSLIKEFILM. The community known for making photographers who’ve never loaded a roll of Tri-X think that their images look like film is extending their wealth of knowledge via this pack for a cool $39. This includes four color presets, four black and white presets, four soft variants of the color presets, and HSL tones, and grain simulations. They’re available today for purchase, and we took a quick look through them as we’ve had maybe two hours to play with them and write about them for this blog post before publishing.

Reverie Delta

The Capture One Press Release isn’t super clear about what these are supposed to be. If they’re supposed to look like film, then I don’t think they do. I’ve been shooting a ton of film recently and dropped off 13 rolls to be developed just on Monday. These don’t look like any films that I’ve worked with. Admittedly though, they’re beautiful looks overall, especially in the case of the black and whites. But if I really want the film look, then I’ll go for RNI Films, and Capture One’s style packs themselves also contain some pretty similar looks as it is. Here’s what the press release says:

Reverie Lambda

‘Reverie’ will include 8 Styles in total; 4 color and 4 B&W. Between them, users will find perfect choices for everything from overcast days to blue hour:

  • Reverie – Alpha: Warm-up shadows, clean whites, and nice contrasts. Perfect for overcast days with even soft light.
  • Reverie – Beta: A beautiful style that throws a warm layer of tones over highlights and shadows. Works really well for blue hour photos but is pretty versatile.
  • Reverie – Delta: Gives a wonderful clean look across the color palette, so for classic and timeless looks, this will be your first option in any scenario.
  • Reverie – Gamma: ‘Moody’ is the word that perfectly describes this style. A yellow-reddish mix of mid-tones and shadows will make this style perfect for golden hour shots.
  • Reverie – BW Styles: All of the black and white styles are made to give your images a cinematic feel and finish. From clean and strong contrasts over to faded highlights & shadows. Each style will give you the perfect result for images that need that special monochrome look.

You can go pick them up at the Capture One Store for $39.