Use These Photography Tricks to Create Some Cool Results

We’re sure this post will get you wondering where these photography tricks were all your life.

In our quest to look for the coolest and most useful photography tips and tricks to share, we came across some really unexpected ones. Take, for example, a video showing some fun, out of the box ideas for creating cool effects and tapping unique angles. As with many things shared on the Reddit community where we spotted the video, it’s oddly satisfying to see these tricks produce some pretty cool images!

Photography can either be straightforward and objective, or creative and conceptual. If your work tends to fall on the latter, we think you’ll appreciate the photography tricks demonstrated in the video below. We have to give credit to these guys for their fresh ideas and fun execution! Seriously, how many of us thought about these creative hacks in our previous shoots?

Pretty cool tricks, don’t you think? Instead of making composites using Photoshop, a lot of these tricks play on perspectives and clever use of props and different kinds of materials. They are also fun ways to practice photography with your friends. As the video showed, you’ll need their help to build these props and setups, as well sprinkle, throw, and move these into your frame for the perfect shot. So if you’re looking for something new to try in your next photography practice, you might pick up some neat ideas from these tricks.

Looking for more photography tricks like these? If you’re more into food photography, you might be interested in learning about the secrets that advertisers have been keeping from us. There’s also a cool trick you can try if you want to create some levitating photos. Or, if you want something quick to try regardless of the photography you do, try putting something in front of your lens to make your shots instantly more interesting.


Screenshot image from the video