Jeremy Cowart Showcases More Moody and Experimental Portraits

All photos by Jeremy Cowart. Used with Creative Commons permission.

In a previous feature, we had a peek at how Nashville-based photographer and artist Jeremy Cowart works with a creative approach to portrait photography using experimental and colorful lighting techniques. If you found it especially inspiring, we bring more of his stunning portrait work in this style from his latest session with Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Lauren Daigle.

In his project description, Cowart said the shoot was just for fun, “with no rules or albums to promote or ad campaigns involved and no entourage. Just two artists collaborating for the fun of it.” This enabled him to exercise full creative freedom over the collaboration and get as experimental as possible. The series, which he shot using Canon EOS 5D, indeed features his signature use of vibrant colors, play on light and shadows, and creative blurs.

As with his series featuring Indie-Folk husband-wife duo Edward and Jane, these portraits of Lauren Daigle show skillful control of studio lighting. The colors also add vibrant energy to the mostly dramatic effect of the blurs and shadows. While the poses are pensive yet straightforward, the styling and wardrobe also add character to each shot and help build on Lauren as a model for this series. When all of these elements are put together, it becomes easy to see how the shoot was a fun and carefree, with both Jeremy and Lauren contributing ideas and exuding creativity with each shot.

If you’re looking for a new and more creative way to shoot your next portrait project, we’re sure Jeremy Cowart is now among the photographers to turn to for ideas and inspiration. Don’t forget to check out his website, Instagram, and Behance portfolio to see the rest of his portrait projects and stay updated with his work.