5 Awesome Examples of Creative Photography to do When Bored!

Photographers seldom get bored. But when they do, they turn to their cameras and creative mind to soothe their boredom. It’s a perk of being a creative. There’s always something you can do to entertain yourself. This article looks at a round-up of photographers that worked on some creative photography that’s both fun and inspiring, keeping themselves entertained in the process.

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Jeremy Cowart Showcases More Moody and Experimental Portraits

All photos by Jeremy Cowart. Used with Creative Commons permission.

In a previous feature, we had a peek at how Nashville-based photographer and artist Jeremy Cowart works with a creative approach to portrait photography using experimental and colorful lighting techniques. If you found it especially inspiring, we bring more of his stunning portrait work in this style from his latest session with Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Lauren Daigle.

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Jeremy Cowart Makes Creative Use of Light for Moody Portraits

All photos by Jeremy Cowart. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Lighting is a crucial component of impressive portrait photography, so it pays to know the different lighting techniques to get the job done. Once you’ve mastered these, however, you’ll begin to think of different ways to break the rules and let creativity take the reins. To help inspire and give you some ideas, we present one of the recent color portraits by Nashville-based photographer and artist Jeremy Cowart. If you like your portraits with a generous helping of colors, we’re sure you’ll find this collection eye-catching.

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How Portrait Photographers Continue to Find Inspiration

Photo by Sue Bryce. Used with permission

Photo by Sue Bryce. Used with permission

It’s easy to get into a photographic slump and not find motivation or creativity. For all of us photographers, this is a good thing. It means that we’re evolving and that we’re going to find a way to become better instead of always shooting the same things and the same looks consistently.

Getting out of these slumps though can be tough to do, so we talked to a number of professional photographers about how they find inspiration for the portraits that they shoot.

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See University: Jeremy Cowart on Natural Light Fashion Portraits

See University Logo

Photographer Jeremy Cowart has started a brand new initiative, it’s called See University and it’s all about premium photography tutorials. Jeremy needs no introduction after Help Portrait and his celebrity/commercial photography. He’s undoubtedly one of the best in our day and age.

Since it is a training platform, there are fees just like any other university with the different plans offering loads of incentives. We had a bit of a preview before the launch, and it all looks like incredibly solid stuff with new tutorials being worked on constantly.

With Jeremy’s permission, we have the opportunity to present one of the videos to you guys absolutely free. After the jump, Jeremy spends a little under a half hour talking about natural light portrait/fashion photography and you get to go behind the scenes.

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This Infographic Shows How Much Work the Camera Actually Does

infographic the photographer and the camera

Photographer Jeremy Cowart recently shared an awesome infographic on Facebook showing off the importance of the photographer. While the notion is that the world thinks that you need a better camera to take better images, it is once again in the hands of the photographer to capture the best images. We talked about this recently in a post about gear and photography; but it’s nice to get a reminder from a pro photographer about this.

More than anything, I think we should look to the mobile world to see that folks are being creatives everywhere with little to no work from their phone’s camera.

Jeremy Cowart: “When I Go to My Website, I Don’t Love What I See”


Many people are perhaps familiar with Jeremy Cowart or at least his work. Ever hear of Help Portrait? That’s Jeremy! And many of his photos fo celebrities have perhaps graced your eyes and you don’t even know it. But recently on his blog, Jeremy offered a very heartfelt and real video about his work–and it a point where every photographer reaches at some time during their career if not many. Our buddy Bill Wadman recently stated that he’s going through the same thing in On Taking Pictures. After looking at his own website, Cowart feels like he needs to step his game up. And to do that, he’s inviting people out to a special workshop that he is calling, “The Field Sessions.” The video shows Cowart talking about how he would be next to his favorite photographer in a heartbeat if they promised that they were about to create their best work ever. And Cowart is stating that he’s dedicating this workshop series to doing just that.

That’s quite a big feat Mr. Cowart! But if you’re already familiar with Jeremy’s idea and some of his processes, you’ll know that you’re bound to learn something. From what it sounds like, you won’t be sitting there lectured to all day. I worked with Jeremy a while ago on an article on how to get better colors from your images–and perhaps seeing his mysterious ways in person is a better way of learning how to become a better photographer yourself.

We can only wonder where he is pulling his inspiration from this time around.