Sony’s New a6100 and a6600 APS-C Cameras to Cost $750 and $1400

Sony’s new APS-C cameras are feature-packed and affordable.

The long wait is finally over. Today, Sony unveiled two APS-C cameras that many photographers and videographers have been waiting for: the Sony a6100, and the Sony a6600. When these cameras’ older brothers were launched, they broke new ground for APS-C cameras and what they were capable of. Today, Sony has shown that the long wait appears to have been worthwhile. Join us after the break to learn more about the Sony a6100, the a6600, and two new lenses that have been designed specifically for their APS-C cameras.

The original Sony a6000 was launched way back in 2014, and the a6500 in 2016, so to say an update has been due is an understatement. For the longest time it appeared like Sony was focusing more on their Full Frame line-up than their APS-C cameras. But today, Sony came through. Sony has delivered what appears to be two competent Mirrorless APS-C cameras that will appeal to content creators of all skill levels.

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The Sony A6100 is a much-needed update to the entry-level A6000. Don’t let the term entry-level fool you: the a6100 is a pretty powerful camera that features some of the same specs from Sony’s much more expensive cameras. The a6100 features a 24.2 Megapixel Exmor sensor, the latest BIONZ X image processor, and a front-end LSI which can be found in Sony’s top of the line Full Frame cameras.

Users will be treated to lightning-fast acquisition times of just 0.02 seconds, and they will have access to 425 autofocus points that cover 84 percent of the sensor. The a6100 will feature Sony’s real-time tracking system and eye autofocus for both humans and animals. 4K video recording functions are also included, as is a flip-up touchscreen, and a headphone jack.  The Sony a6100 will retail for $750 for the body, $850 with a 16-50mm lens, and $1,100 with the 16-50 and a 55-210mm lens when it is launched in October 2019.

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The Sony a6600 is the second of the APS-C cameras announced, and is arguably the camera most videographers and Sony fans have been waiting for. The update to the popular a6500 will feature the same 24.2 Megapixel Exmor sensor and the same BIONZ X image processor as the a6100. The a6600 will have many more features packed inside, including the capability to hold Sony’s much larger Sony Z battery, and IBIS. This battery can last for roughly 810 shots when using the LCD (720 with viewfinder). The a6600 also features Sony’s 5-axis in-body image stabilization technology, the effective real-time tracking autofocus system, and animal and human eye AF. The eye AF system on the a6600 also works full time when shooting video.


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The a6600 features the same flip-up style touchscreen that can be found on the a6100 and the a6400 as well. This will no doubt please those who will want to use the a6600 for vlogging or selfies. The a6600 features a magnesium alloy design that is both water and dust resistant, and it will now have a built-in headphone jack. The Sony a6600 will be available this November for $1400 for the body, or $1,800 with an 18-135mm lens.

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Sony also announced two new lenses that have been designed specifically for their APS-C cameras. A 16-55mm f2.8 G lens has been designed to offer super sharp images from corner to corner. The lens will be incredibly lightweight at just 1.09lbs, and it will be priced at $1,400 when it hits shelves this October.

There will also be a brand new telephoto lens for Sony’s APS-C cameras as well. A 70-350mm G series lens was also announced. This lens, when used on APS-C cameras, will have an equivalent focal range of 105-525mm, which will be great for birding or for sports.

Sony apologized for the delay in making new APS-C lenses. They stated they wanted to let make sure that these lenses could perform at the level Sony demands. These lenses will also feature Sony’s ultra-fast focusing motors, so they can keep up with the impressive AF systems in both cameras. The 70-350mm f4.5-6.3 lens will cost $1,000 when it’s released this November. For more information about all of the new releases, head on over to the official Sony website.

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