Gorgeous In-Camera Double Exposures by Luciano Meirelles

If you’ve never tried double exposures in-camera before, the beautiful work of Luciano Meirelles using a Canon DSLR should inspire you.

Some of you may be able to tell that double exposure is one of our favorite creative techniques for digital and film photography. When done right, it produces some really cool and interesting results, as you’ll see in our featured series by Brazilian wedding photographer Luciano Meirelles. If you’re curious about this technique, his body of work is an inspiring example of it’s creative possibilities.

Meirelles shot these impressive double exposures in-camera using a Canon 5D MK III. Clean, crisp, and cleverly composed, this work shows exactly why photographers have been keen on experimenting with it. There are many ways to do it now, but it’s great to do it in-camera when your gear allows you to.

These photos exemplify some of the tried-and-tested methods for successful and eye-catching double exposures, whether in black and white or color. For the first frame, work with silhouettes; portraits of people are great for this. Next, pair it with some striking textures and patterns that will show through the silhouette; trees, plants, flowers, and city scenes are great for this. To make his series more interesting, Meirelles also shot partial silhouettes of his human subjects to create some surreal results.

If you’ve wanted to make images like these but don’t want to fiddle around using software and apps, check your camera instead. It could have a double or multiple exposure function you can practice with the next time you’re feeling experimental. We also recommend checking out our favorite double exposure projects for more ideas and inspiration.

Also, do check out Luciano Meirelles’ website and Behance portfolio to see more of his photography projects.


All photos by Luciano Meirelles. Used with Creative Commons permission.