The Leica Summicron SL 50mm F2 ASPH Can Be Yours for $4,495

The new Leica APO Summicron SL 50MM F2 promises the Leica look on any L Mount camera.

We have good news for fans of Leica and those who have purchased any L Mount Alliance cameras recently. Leica announced they have released a new Leica Summicron SL 50mm f2 ASPH lens that will apparently set a new benchmark for SL lenses. Nifty fifties are often considered to be the standard focal length in photography, and they are loved by many photographers for their versatility. Join us after the break to find out more about the new Leica Summicron SL 50mm lens, and what it might be able to do for you.

The Leica Summicron SL 50mm f2 promises a level of performance high enough to demand a spot in the cameras bag of any photographer looking to take advantage of the L-Mount system. This is according to Leica themselves. Whether or not the average user of L Mount Alliance cameras like those from Panasonic (the S1 and S1R), Sigma (like the upcoming FP), and of course, Leica cameras themselves can afford this lens is another matter entirely. This sweet nifty fifty will set you back a cool $4,495.

So what will a hair under five grand get you? The Leica Summicron SL 50mm F2 features twelve expertly designed lens elements. Three of the elements have aspherical surfaces for correcting optical aberrations. The elements have been arranged in 10 groups, which, according to Leica, will help photographers get the ultimate image quality.

The lens is perfect for studio work, documentary photography, portraits, landscapes, and architecture work thanks to its sharp, distortion-free, contrasty image qualities. Chromatic aberrations are kept at bay thanks to the APO. By utilizing apochromatic corrections, all colors of the light spectrum are accurately passed through the lens and will fall on the same focused point on the sensor.

Photographers will benefit from the fact that the lens is weather-sealed too. Put this lens on your camera and you won’t have to worry about dirt, dust, moisture, or spray. The front element is also coated with an Aquadura coating that helps prevent water from beading up. You should be able to use the Leica Summicron SL 50mm f2 in quite difficult weather situations with no worry.

The lens also features a robust stepping motor for fast autofocusing. It can focus from close-up to infinity in just 250 milliseconds. Leica claims that their newest nifty fifty will bring the “Leica look” and signature rendering to any L Mount Alliance camera. If you have a spare $4,495 in your wallet, you can pick this lens up from fine retailers like Adorama now. For more information about this lens, head on over to the official Leica website.