8 Fantastic Travel Photographers with Under 10,000 Instagram Followers

Oh my god, it’s back again, this time with travel photographers under 10k.

While you may not appreciate our efforts above to rewrite the lyrics of a classic Back Street Boys song, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this installment of great photographers with under 10k followers on Instagram. In this article, we shift the focus to travel photography. Quality travel photography requires skills that go beyond what happens in-camera. Having good geographical awareness, inside knowledge, and a sense of what makes a place beat are all needed to get robust and consistent travel photographs. The photographers below show they have what’s required in order to excel in this genre of photography. That’s why we find ourselves scratching our heads at why more people are not following their work!

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1 Nomadic Sam @nomadic.sam

Made in the UK, Nomadic Sam explores the world searching for the best stories to tell. A Nikon shooter who is also well-versed in using a DJI, it’s clear that this travel photographer is prepared to shoot as many perspectives as possible to get the best shots. His focus is more on the natural beauty the world has to offer, and this makes his feed very picturesque.

2 Steady Chris @chrismabus

This photographer has some pretty cool snaps full of storytelling. We like that his images are slightly underexposed: it gives them a more dramatic aesthetic which sparks a more meaningful emotion.

3 Ana de la Vega @mytribaltravels_photography

A big part of travel photography is ensuring you create connections with the locals. You can do this candidly, but an intimate portrait is also a great way of sparking a deep connection. That’s why we like the work of Ana. She has a range of beautiful portraits that get to the core of her subjects.

4 Anca Duse @anca_duse

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Mauritius: Sugar Beach Resort.

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The world of travel photography doesn’t always have to showcase the nitty-gritty of a location. It can also be a larger than life, luxurious experience. Anca’s travel photography acts as the deal-breaker for when tourists need a little motivation to book a vacation. They make you want, in fact, they make you need to be there.

5 Iana Borodinskaia @iana_borodinskaia

There’s something extremely likable about Iana’s travel photographs. While they’re not always tack sharp, they’re full of emotion and a rawness that has become synonymous with fast-paced travel photography. And she clearly gets people. Her photographs capture humans in their most natural, unposed form, and we love this!

6 Jonathan Pozniak @jonathanpozniak

Jonathan has a different gallery. Nature, people, food, and architecture all come together in a big way to tell a travel story. He’s obviously a travel photographer who is unphased by going off the beaten track. This is evident from his frames made in more remote villages and locations – top marks!

7 Melvin Mapa @melvinmapa

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Manila, Philippines . Three golden rules you should always remember when shooting in film: 1. Expose colour slide films for the highlights, and let the shadows fall where they may. 2. Expose colour negative films for important middle-tone areas, and never fear overexposure. 3. Expose black and white films for the shadows, and develop for the highlights. . ©️MELVIN MAPA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #istillshootfilm #documentlife #leica #documentaryphotographer #believeinfilm #streephotography #leicam6 #kodaktrix400 #photostory #picturesoftheday #documentyourdays #blackandwhitephotography #rangefindercamera #urbanphotography #everydayphotography #everydaystreet #filmisnotdead #monochromephotography #photographylovers #photographyislife #documentaryphotographer #blackandwhitechallenge #photographyeveryday #street_photography #melvinmapaphotographs #monochrome #buyfilmnotmegapixels #bw_photography #photographysouls #photographyislifee #filmgrain

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Melvin has some lovely little travel photographs. We particularly like his choice of cropping: it makes his photos look perfect for prints on a wall. His black and white photographs remind us of something from a Magnum travel book: there’s plenty of quality in them.

8 HGM @hannahgabriellemore

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I travelled into the Saharan sand dunes during a sandstorm and travelled out with clear skies, which made for some varied photographs and footage 🙏🏼 Behind the Scenes – I used my @homeofmillican camera insert* when trekking into the desert, which hooks up around my waist and was extremely useful whilst riding a 🐪, it’s now firmly at the top of my ‘must take on assignment’ list… you don’t expect it to start raining when you’re in the desert (or a sandstorm) but having my kit around my waist made for easy access + lens/camera protection. *gifted a couple of years ago but both the bag + camera insert are used a lot on my travels 🖤 Submission for the #theretherefestival by @moment

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Hannah shoots beautiful, minimal travel photography, and we love her work. The bright colors and even contrast make her photographs easy on the eye. And there’s a story within them. Due to her having a cocktail of techniques, it makes her an obvious entry on this list.

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