This Pink Olympus XA2 Is an Extremely Rare Commemorative Edition

Don’t let the blush pink color fool you — this Olympus XA2 is an extremely rare commemorative model that deserves a spot in your collection.

If your camera collection is comprised mainly of rarities and curiosities, our latest vintage find is worth your attention: an extremely rare pink Olympus XA2 with matching flash. Chances are you’ve never heard of it — a testament to how rare it is! Whether you’re yet to get your hands on an XA2 or simply have a penchant for intriguing editions, this could be a candidate for the next addition to your collection!

First, a little something about the item in question. The pink Olympus XA2, listed by Japan-based ebay seller nokik_0, with a matching A11 Flash is a pre-owned unit but in near-mint condition. It has some tiny scuff marks from previous use, but the viewfinder is in great condition save for some tiny dust. The lens also has no fungus, haze, or balsam separation. The camera and the flash are in perfect working condition, with the flash check, battery check, and exposure lamps still lighting up. It also comes with the original maroon hand strap.

Now, we’re sure you’re wondering, what makes this “extremely rare?” According to our research, the Olympus XA2 was made available in different colors (urban white, heart red, and blue) including the matching A11 flash, in limited quantities. All of these are pretty rare and sought after, especially the white version. But this pink model is the rarest of them all, with most likely only a few hundred units made. According to Biofos, this is because it was made to be given away as gifts to mark the 60th anniversary of Olympus in 1979. They don’t have serial numbers and were housed in a special dark red box with plush lining and embossed Olympus logo. It’s so rare that Camerapedia also mentions that fake pink editions have been reported.

Ready to make some space in your collection for this rare Olympus XA2? It’s all yours for $999.99. Check out the ebay listing to find out more, make inquiries, or buy it now.


Photos from the ebay listing by nokik_0