Is This Sony a7r IV Feature Signaling the End of APS-C Cameras?

With the new Sony a7r IV, Sony is pushing the company’s ability to get higher resolution images at the APS-C level.

We know this could sound a little insane, but if you look at how the photography world is playing out, we could be seeing the end of APS-C very soon. As it is, there isn’t much of a reason to purchase an APS-C DSLR camera over a mirrorless camera. From Sony’s presentation, we were able to gather what Sony is touting at the APS-C level despite the Sony a7r IV being a full-frame mirrorless option. At the APS-C area, the Sony a7r IV has a lot of megapickles (spelled this way purposely); they could be trying to tell us something. To understand it a bit more, we talked to Sony’s Mark Weir.

It’s worth noting that Mark states the Sony a6400 is selling remarkably well. That’s a solid statement with all the news of camera sales declining. It shows there is surely still interest in APS-C cameras and part of that probably has to do with the price point. As full-frame cameras become more affordable, so too will APS-C options. Granted, there are still very good APS-C cameras on the market with the majority of them being produced by Fujifilm and Sony.

Mark also doesn’t state that a new APS-C camera could be coming from Sony anytime soon. Instead, he focuses on the fact that these cameras need to compete much harder if they’re going to survive as a market segment. Personally speaking, I think APS-C cameras are a great medium due to their smaller size with lenses and sensors which plays into their autofocus abilities. This is pertinent to things like sports, wildlife, and street photography, with documentary work being a very big factor too.

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