I’m Back MF Is a Low Cost Digital Back for Medium Format Film Cameras

With the new I’m Back MF, you can now go hybrid with your medium format film cameras.

If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s an affordable way to go digital with your favorite medium format film camera, the latest I’m Back offering could be the answer for you. Dubbed the I’m Back® MF, this new offering is a low cost, multi-brand digital back for those gorgeous 6×4.5, 6X6, and 6X7 medium film cameras. With this accessory, you can shoot full format digital photos and videos, then switch back to film anytime you want.

I’m Back MF features a 16 MP Panasonic MN34120 CMOS sensor, a 2.0″ touch screen, Micro SD Max 128 GB storage capacity, and USB Type-C interface for charging using a regular smartphone charger or power bank. It can shoot photos in JPG Color, Sepia, B&W, and RAW (Black and White) formats, and videos in MP4 H.264 format. Photo sizes are at 20M, 16M, 12M, 10M, 8M, 5M, 3M and VGA. Video resolutions are at UHD24 (2880 x 2160), QHD30 (2560 x 1440), 1080P (60/30), 720P (120/60/30), and VGA 240.

Compatible with iconic medium format cameras from brands such as Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rolleiflex, and Bronica using an adapter, this new digital camera back is looking to achieve two things. First, to encourage photographers to use those gorgeous vintage cameras again; and second, to allow today’s digital photographers to achieve a genuine retro look for their photos and videos.

I’m Back MF Technical Specifications*:

  • Sensor: 16 Megapixel CMOS Sensor Panasonic MN34120
  • Processor: Nt 96660
  • Picture System: Focusing screen
  • Video Resolution: UHD24 (2880 x 2160), QHD30 (2560 x 1440), 1080P (60/30) 720P (120/60/30), VGA 240
  • Video aspect: Focusing screen/Vintage
  • Picture Size: 20M 16M 12M 10M 8M 5M 3M VGA
  • Video Format: MP4 H.264
  • Picture Format: JPG Color/Sepia/B&W & RAW (Black & White)
  • Storage Capacity:  Micro SD Max 128 GB
  • USB Interface: USB TYPE-C
  • Display: 2.0″capacitive touch screen
  • ISO: 100 – 3200
  • Auto White Balance: Yes
  • Auto EV: Yes
  • WIFI: Yes
  • Remote: Yes
  • Language: EN FR ES PT DE IT CN RU JP
  • Battery: 3.7V 2.700mAh

*subject to changes, quality nevertheless will be at least same or better

Sounds like the digital back you could use for your medium format film camera? Go ahead and check out the Kickstarter page to find out more and grab the I’m Back MF for your camera model with a $405 pledge.


All photos and videos from the I’m Back MF Kickstarter page