Ingrid Alice Irsigler Creates Stunning Afro Asian Fashion Photography

If you’re into colorful fashion photography, we’re sure you’ll love these unique and vibrant snaps by Ingrid Alice Irsigler.

Looking for some creative inspiration and ideas for your next fashion photography projects? We found just the right stuff for you. Ingrid Alice Irsigler, a photographer and art director based in Cape Town, shot a couple of impressive sets showcasing the beauty and artistry of Afro Asian fashion. This mind-blowing fusion of two cultures resulted in some pretty stunning imagery which is totally different from what we usually see (especially on Instagram) or think about fashion photography.

Irsigler is one of our favorite portrait photographers for her ingenious use of colors, and this campaign proves her skill, yet again. She shot these photos in and around the streets of Chinatown and Linden in Johannesburg for the Afro Asian Fashion Campaign of African Fashion International. She actually worked with three concepts for this campaign: Market Day, Night of 1000 Neon Lights, and Big City Night Out. Each of these themes adds their own flavor to the entire campaign without straying far from the main concept of Afro Asian fashion.


“Africa shouts its splendour. It is not passive or quiet. If ever a land was predicated on saturated colours and extreme dedication to the patterned madness of life, it is this divine continent,” she said of this initiative and the unique results it produced.

Given that African fashion and culture are inherently vibrant and colorful, campaigns that aim to highlight this through high fashion are not surprising. But it’s impressive how this campaign, in particular, merged it with Asian elements, making it exemplary in showcasing diversity in the fashion industry.

The snaps you’ve seen are just a small selection, so make sure you check out the entire series on Irsigler’s Behance portfolio and her website. Or, you may want to check out our interview with her on creative, high-end fashion portraiture.

All photos by Ingrid Alice Irsigler. Used with Creative Commons permission.