Tips for Introverts: Photographers Share the Secret to Better Networking

One of the biggest challenges for many photographers is networking, and it starts with taking the first step.

If there is one thing that eludes many photographers, it’s networking. Marketing yourself and even simply talking to people can seem difficult for lots of folks, but it’s even more difficult for folks who are introverted. So, we talked to a number of successful photographers about how they network and what they’re doing right now.

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Ingrid Alice Irsigler Creates Stunning Afro Asian Fashion Photography

If you’re into colorful fashion photography, we’re sure you’ll love these unique and vibrant snaps by Ingrid Alice Irsigler.

Looking for some creative inspiration and ideas for your next fashion photography projects? We found just the right stuff for you. Ingrid Alice Irsigler, a photographer and art director based in Cape Town, shot a couple of impressive sets showcasing the beauty and artistry of Afro Asian fashion. This mind-blowing fusion of two cultures resulted in some pretty stunning imagery which is totally different from what we usually see (especially on Instagram) or think about fashion photography.

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Ingrid Alice Irsigler’s COLOUR is an Ingenious Use of Color in Portraiture

All images by Ingrid Alice Irsigler. Used with permission.

Photographer Ingrid Alice Irsigler has had work that has always amazed me. Some of it is fairy tale inspired with great use of color. But either way, Ingrid has overcome obstacles and earned a place on our 30 Women Photographers to follow list. Very recently, she completed a shoot called COLOUR done in an area of Cape Town called Co-Kaap. Part of what’s so special about this area is the very rich history and the colorful houses.

While some of this looks easy, Ingrid tells us that it wasn’t.

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