Marco Grassi’s Aerial Photography Reveals Earth’s Most Otherworldly Textures

Marco Grassi shows us more of nature’s wonders that aerial photography opens our eyes to.

With the advent of drone photography came greater accessibility to the art (and technicality) of aerial photography, and it’s been truly amazing to see what photographers have been creating with it. Tom Hegen‘s minimalist-inspired projects are great examples, and we definitely are keen on adding more to the pile. The latest in our roster of favorites is the stunning, otherworldly series of Italian photographer Marco Grassi. If you’re interested in aerial photography or drone photography, we’re sure this series will give you the inspiration and further push that you need.

In his aptly titled Space Oddity series, Grassi shared some of the most stunning vistas and the mind-blowing textures they create when viewed from above. “Imagination and reality blending together,” he said on his personal project’s description, and we couldn’t agree more. They can easily pass as alien landscapes of distant worlds, but actually, they were taken in Utah, around the Colorado Plateau area. Looking at these beautiful snaps, I can’t help but think that our world is both alien and familiar at once to those who know where to look.

There’s a heavy touch of clever minimalism and incredible attention to how light works to create beautiful plays of light and shadows, especially during the Golden Hour. Everything in this series is a surrealist landscape photographer’s dream, from the way the jagged peaks look like deep tears and scratches on the Earth’s surface, to the hypnotic patterns that Mother Nature has kept hidden to most of us until we’ve learned to soar and peer on her creation from above.

“I like to think that this series has been taken on an imaginary journey to a fantasy world where no mankind has ever been and the shaping time is the only inhabitant. Nature has already created everything we can think of and more.”

Do check out Marco Grassi’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his abstract landscape photography and other projects.


All photos by Marco Grassi. Used with Creative Commons permission.