Christoffer Relander Merges the Beauty of Nature with the Human Form

All photos by Christoffer Relander. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Despite its analog origins, double exposure remains a popular creative technique, even for the digital photographers of today. This is now easy with all the technology available, whether you opt to do it on post or in-camera. Given that we’re more interested in what photographers can do in-camera, we’ve been fascinated with the double exposure series done by Christoffer Relander — both in medium format film and digital using a Nikon D700. Today, we take a look at another series showcasing his impressive doubles and multiple exposures done in camera, where he blends the beauty of foliage with the human form.

Finland-based fine art photographer lets us know his inspiration straight from the series title: We Are Nature. This selection, he said on his project description, features the personal double, triple, and quadruple exposures he photographed between 2013 to 2017. All of them were exposed and blended in his Nikon D800E, without using manipulation or layering through editing software such as Photoshop.


As we’ve seen in his previous series, this selection is yet another inspiring example of the creative possibilities that make the technique popular among experimental portrait photographers. Hybrid photographers — or those who shoot with both film and digital can especially relate to this, and we think it’s great to be able to practice this craft in both mediums. Whether you prefer to do your doubles in film or you don’t have a problem trying it with a digital camera, Relander’s work should give you some ideas.

In fact, double and multiple exposing foliage with portrait silhouettes are among the most popular ways to do the technique. So if you’re itching to try this technique, you can definitely start with this, and other natural textures.

Don’t forget to check out Christoffer Relander’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his work.