Christoffer Relander Collects Landscapes in Jars By Using Double Exposure

All images by Christoffer Relander. Used with permission from Anders Lönnfeldt

Photo manipulation has growing popularity due to the increasing versatility of image editing software such as Photoshop. However, Christoffer Relander went the extra mile to create his own photo manipulation of fitting a slice of real world scenes into jars by shooting analog multiple exposures on medium format film.

Christoffer Relander’s ongoing project of double exposures is called Jarred & Displaced, showing different scenes of landscapes he shot as if he has put them into jars. Christoffer revealed that this project has roots from his childhood dreams of both collecting and conserving environments with most landscapes shot in the countryside in the south of Finland. All the photographs were shot on medium format film which Christoffer then developed and scanned himself without any further editing in any software such Photoshop.

Jarred & Displaced from Anders Lönnfeldt on Vimeo.

Viewing the images in Jarred & Displaced gave me a feeling that Christoffer managed to trap a part of the world he saw into jars as collectible items. The fact that he merely used double exposure, a technique to expose a singular film twice, made this feat even more incredible. The images of trees, forests, and even a house inside the jar look so real thanks to the organic feel of using medium format film. This serves as a reminder that sometimes a little creativity and thinking outside the box can go a long way in creating wonderful results without resorting to heavy manipulation in Photoshop.

Anders Lönnfeldt has done a splendid job shooting a video showing how Christoffer Relander used double exposure to create the illusion of capturing the world into jars. A fun fact, the video Anders shot was recorded fully in Canon 1DX Mark II. You can check out the video below. You may also find more of Christoffer Relander’s photographer here.











Jarred & Displaced from Anders Lönnfeldt on Vimeo.