Paulo Moura: The Contrast Of The Scottish Countryside (Premium)

All Images by Paulo Moura. Used With Permission.

Paulo Moura is a photographer based out of Glasgow in the United Kingdom, and in his Contrast series he takes to the hills and coastline near his home to feature the beauty of the countryside — Grey gloomy weather and all.

What makes black and white photography so important to you?

Well, I suppose that in Black and White we focus on the purity of the shape, I find in Black and White a certain calm, and a sense of introspection. I feel that in Black and White we are able to see things more clearly, maybe analyse things better.

What inspires you to create photographs?

What inspires me to create photographs…

For me it’s all about capturing that moment that I saw, those unique split seconds that would go unnoticed otherwise. Its all about the emotional response, what it triggers, and how it makes us travel to a moment in time, or simply to a feeling. Black and White can do that better than colour.

Why is black and white photography so important to our future in the art world?

As for the future of black and white, I suppose that it ties in with what Black and White triggers in people, artistically it’s such a great source of inspiration, when combined with abstract creationism. As for the future, I would like to see it go back in time to be honest, I still prefer good old medium format film to most of my digital photos in black and white.

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