The ILFORD Ultra Large Format Ordering Window is Back!

Attention, ILFORD fans and black and white film photographers! Now is your chance to go big — like Ultra Large Format big!

If you’ve been long waiting for the chance to shoot Ultra Large Format (ULF), it’s now time to dust off your gorgeous cameras and grab some black and white film from ILFORD. HARMAN Technology Ltd. (ILFORD PHOTO) has just opened their ULF program for this year, allowing practitioners of the craft to go big with their black and white snaps without having to worry about most of the restrictions that come with typical minimum order quantity.

Ilford FP4

The company reminds us that this year marks the 140th anniversary of the original ILFORD company founded by Alfred Harman in 1879. This is also the 14th consecutive year of the ULF and custom film manufacturing window, which allow film photographers to order a wide range of specialist film products in different formats. The program is part of HARMAN Technology’s commitment to support the film community and satisfy the demand for Ultra Large Format film and other specialist formats. The ILFORD factory in the UK will begin shipping orders to distributors and dealers in August. Customers are advised to check with their local resellers for expected arrival dates. Freestyle, for example, has indicated in their newsletter that they will ship all orders in October 2019.

Among the films available in this year’s ULF window are ILFORD FP4 PLUS, HP5 PLUS, and DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL. Aside from sheet formats, there are also some specialist roll formats available. The 120 Roll Film Backing Paper is also still included. If you’re interested in stocking up, you have until Friday, May 24th to place your orders with participating dealers. In the US, authorized dealers include Freestyle Photographic Supplies, Blue Moon Camera and Machine, and Fotocare.

Visit the ILFORD Photo page for this year’s ULF, Custom, and Specialist Film ordering window for more information on formats and list of participating dealers.


Photo from the Freestyle Photographic Supplies newsletter