Remember Photobucket? They’re Back and Promising Nice Features

Photobucket, through the leadership of a new experienced team, promises the best value for its greatly improved services and focus on user experience.

If you’ve ever wondered about what happened to Photobucket, they now have the answer for us. The photo storage, hosting and sharing pioneer, now under the helm of a new and experienced leadership team, has just launched its newly enhanced website as part of its efforts to service today’s digital content owners. Other product enhancements and additional feature are also slated for this year, which will also be extended to their mobile app.

Among the improvements that the platform now boasts of include:

  • Automatic image formatting for 3rd party sites like forums, apps, online stores and blogs
  • Unlimited bandwidth option for hosting
  • Image optimization for any device
  • Free storage plan option and free trials for hosting services
  • 10x increased performance and faster loading times
  • Significantly enhanced mobile web experience

Aside from making their website even more user-friendly, Photobucket also has plans to relaunch a new version of their mobile app later this year. These were made possible by feedback and suggestions solicited from Photobucket’s 90 million plus users, which the company says is part of “returning Photobucket to its innovative roots with a relentless focus on the customer.”

With all the features and services offered by similar photo hosting and sharing platforms today, it’s definitely time for the 16-year-old platform to catch up. Over the years, Photobucket has been kept afloat by its low-cost pricing model and dedication to customer trust and loyalty. The company has reinforced this with their newly-released “Bill of Rights” for members, which promises that their photos will be kept safe and secure, and will never be deleted, among other things.

“Our Bill of Rights is a direct, uncompromising statement of commitment that is proving to have a positive impact on our business as we’re seeing an increase in subscriptions and an improved level of overall customer satisfaction,” said Photobucket CEO Ted Leonard.