Arnaud Moro Keeps the Glow Going in His Gorgeous Night Portraits

All photos by Arnaud Moro. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Last time we tagged along the nighttime shoots of Marseille-based, self-taught photographer Arnaud Moro, we saw him work with a lot of dreamy and fitting locations for stunning night portraits. Each snap showed us exactly why chasing city lights after dark can often lead to some great results and unique portraits. If you liked his work and were inspired by the GLOW series, you’ll be delighted to see more of these radiant snaps in the second installment!

In GLOW Vol. 2, Moro continues to take us out in the streets, where the city lights make way for his stunning visual stories. He continues with his fine selection of portraits bearing the titular glow in various colors, showing us what makes the night a perfect time for moody and even cinematic imagery. If you haven’t tried shooting portraits at night, these are what you’re missing. Through a combination of silhouettes, back-lit portraits, brightly-lit scenes, and color-dominated frames, we are presented with some fine examples of how to work with colorful ambient light after dark.


As with the first installment, what I love the most about this series is how our featured photographer uses portrait photography to freeze moments in time and tell us a story. While both GLOW installments are more oriented towards fashion and lifestyle photography, they also show us how a narrative approach to portraiture can help make our work more eye-catching; we’re only limited by our attention to detail and creative vision. Also, if you’re a fan of the cinematic aesthetic, you’ll surely understand what I mean when I say that each photo looks and feels like each of the subjects are characters instead of models.

Check out Arnaud Moro’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of GLOW and the rest of his work.