Arnaud Moro Brings Out the Glow in These Gorgeous Night Portraits

All photos by Arnaud Moro. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Nighttime has been fast becoming a favorite time of the day for many photographers to shoot portraits and fashion editorials for a number of good reasons. First, there’s the enduring trend of neon portraits (thanks to the style popularized by Brandon Woelfel), bold design directions, futuristic concepts, and some pop culture references. Then, there’s also the fact that colors are unmistakably brighter and more eye-catching when set against the dark canvas of the night. All these are especially the case in the collection of beautiful portraits by Arnaud Moro.

Aptly titled GLOW, the collection features some moody photos shot by the Marseille-based, self-taught photographer in some locations fitting for the imagery he was going for. Spots with plenty of moody lighting, sometimes with a bit of neon, allowed him to play with available light and their colors to put together a series that looks and feels like a stylish and relaxed night out with a bunch of friends.

Sure, we’ve seen this style and the mood it creates over and over in the recent years. That is often a pitfall of a style that has gone popular or mainstream. But, as a firm believer of practice and experimentation, I do believe in exploring different styles as a concept or project calls for it. This shoot did benefit from all the colors, atmospheric lighting, and casual poses to create the relaxed and youthful vibe that we see in many fashion (or fashion-themed) portraits. Consider it a creative exercise in low-light portrait photography that produced some great results.

Speaking of experiments, also noteworthy is the couple of double exposures that added something extra in this set. I only wish our photographer here did more of it!

Check out Arnaud Moro’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of GLOW and the rest of his work.