Elena Iv-Skaya’s “LES AQUARELLES” Focuses on Vibrant Portraiture

All images by Elena Iv-skaya. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Elena Iv-skaya has been one of our go-to photographers when it comes to stunning fashion editorials with an eye-catching command for color and details. If she was able to bring retro vibes to life in Dreamer Pool, in her recent series, she gives us imagery dripping in vibrant colors and striking elegance. Fashion photographers searching for exemplary projects will surely have a lot of points to take for inspiration in this series.

In case you’re still wondering, there are two parameters that make a fashion editorial impressive, unique, and effective: a brilliant concept, and equally bright execution. Iv-skaya’s latest work meets both.

Titled LES AQUARELLES, the series is a literal and clever play on watercolors, the imagery crafted by combining high fashion in bright colors and a watery setting. As also hinted by the title, the star of the series is actually the watercolor-inspired eye make-up by Amandine Gosset, put into spotlight by Iv-skaya’s dramatic execution of the concept. Other elements like the water ripples, subtle light play, and goggles further reinforce the idea.

As with the Dreamer Pool series, LES AQUARELLES is a fine example of the creative approach to Iv-skaya’s vivid style. Both bodies of work shine with their own distinct aesthetic — the former being retro-inspired from the wardrobe and styling, and the latter being a mix of modern styling and painterly elements. Both series also play with water, yet LES AQUARELLES makes it more apparent and gives it a bigger role in the execution.

Colors indeed shine in this fashion editorial. But if it gets you even a little bit curious about what happens when Iv-skaya works without these bright colors, you’ll be amazed at how she shoots with black and white in her set Double Beauty.

Don’t forget to visit Elena Iv-skaya’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of her beautiful fashion photography.