These 100 Black and White Presets are $12 for Phoblographer Readers

These Lightroom Presets will add an air of elegance to your images with a single click!

There is always something special about black and white images. Black and white photos have an air of style about them, and with these black and white presets you can add glamour and class to portraits, you can add drama to documentary photos, and you can make landscapes and cityscapes that pop. It can take a ton of time to create the black and white look you desire in post, but this amazing bundle will take all of the hard work out of creating timeless images. With this special deal for readers of The Phoblographer, you can get 100 black and white presets for just $12! That means you can save 76% off the recommended price of $49!

With this bundle of presets you can transform your images with a single click. The presets will give you a great foundation to build upon and you can tweak them to your liking, or you can just leave the presets as they are.


With the help of this preset bundle you will find yourself creating stunning black-and-white photos in no time. Whether you’re going for an old-school vintage look or a glamorous film star effect, with this preset package you have everything you need. Just think of all time you’re going to save!

This bundle of Lightroom presets will also enable you to create a consistent look and feel across all of your images. Imagine you shoot a wedding or have a portrait session and you want all of the images to have the same look. With this bundle you can select one preset you like and you can almost instantly apply the preset to every image in the set. That means hours, yes, HOURS can be saved.

For the amazing low price of $12 you’re going to get 100 Lightroom Presets for black and white photography that are easy to use. The presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG images, and Mac and Windows based machines. With just a single click you’ll be able to create the timeless photos that you and your clients will love and cherish.

Don’t let this amazing deal slip through for your fingers. For just $12 you can add these pro grade presets to your Lightroom arsenal and you will be able to create masterpieces in seconds. Remember though that 76% savings won’t be around for long. Once the sale is over the price jumps back up to $49! Grab it while you can.

Save 76% and buy now ($12): Photowhoa