Photographer Tony Gale Joins us on Inside the Photographer’s Mind

Photographer Tony Gale is our next guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind.

In our next episode of our once a month interview series Inside the Photographer’s Mind is Tony Gale. Tony is a man of many hats. When he isn’t shooting advertising or editorial jobs, he’s working with corporate clients or doing a multitude of other things. The Brooklyn based photographer is also a Sony Artisan, a Manfrotto Ambassador, an X-Rite Coloratti and the American Photographic Artists society National President. To say that Tony is busy is honestly an understatement. And we’re talking to Tony not only about his work, but how he’s gone about managing everything that he’s done in a world where you need to be more than just a photographer.

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For this Episode, we’re going to discuss Tony’s work as an editorial photographer over the years as well as a number of his personal projects. Tony spent a long time traveling to every state in the union. This episode will be a special one where you’ll see a more conversational rapport happen between both Tony and I. I’m incredibly excited for it and you should be too. I hope to see you there.

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Photography has two sides to it; capturing and creating. Some photographers lean in one direction over the other while other photographers balance the two. The Phoblographer, Madavor Media, and Adorama TV invite you to join Chris Gampat as he speaks with established professional photographers and up-and-comers alike from various backgrounds on the thought processes behind their images while connecting the technical and artistic sides of their brain in the creative process.

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