Sample Image Gallery: Portraits Shot on the Sony 135mm f1.8 G Master

The brand new Sony 135mm f1.8 G Master is one hell of a portrait lens.

Hey folks,

The Sony 135mm f1.8 G Master was just announced at the end of last month, and in case you missed it, you can read all about the lens in our First Impressions article where we got to test it out in a variety of situations. A production review unit of the 135mm G Master is en route to us, so please stay tuned for our upcoming full review. While we were in Las Vegas for WPPI last week, we got to spend some more time with the brand new Sony 135mm f1.8 G Master lens (mated to a Sony A7RIII). Here are some of the images that we captured using the lens while we were on the WPPI show floor.

Our thoughts so far:

  • 135mm is a very specific focal length. While it’s a great lens for portraiture, for anything beyond close-ups shots like 3/4 length or full body shots, you’ll need to put quite a bit of distance between yourself and your subjects, as I had to do on the WPPI show floor.
  • Despite the mid-telephoto focal length, the lens is fairly compact and far from heavy. It’s only slightly longer than the 85mm G Master.
  • The autofocus is lightning fast and very accurate.
  • The included Focus Range Limiter is helpful when you’re photographing subjects up close.
  • Like other G Master lenses from Sony, the 135mm f1.8 is tack sharp even when shooting wide open.
  • The background defocuses beautifully, minimizing any distracting elements in your frame while really helping to isolate your subject and making them stand out.
  • Fans of creamy bokeh are in for a treat, although you may notice “cat eye” shaped bokeh when shooting wide open. For anyone that absolutely must have perfectly round bokeh balls, simply stop down slightly.


Stay tuned for our upcoming full review of the Sony 135mm f1.8 G Master!