UPDATED Gallery: Fujifilm X-T30 (RAW Image Edits)

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Capture One supports the Fujifilm XT30, and so now we have an updated RAW image gallery.

We previously published our Fujifilm XT30 first impressions with SOOC JPEG images, but since then we’ve updated it with RAW File sample edits. This is the fastest that Capture One has created support for a new camera. The Fujifilm XT30 that we’re testing is still in the pre-production stage but it is very close to the final production version. And so far we’re liking the camera.

You can head to our Fujifilm XT30 first impressions and read more of our thoughts as well as see more the of the images. But here’s a few block quotes:

“The autofocus performance so far seems on par with that of the X-T3, acquires focus quickly and accurately. This should come as no surprise as the XT-30 shares the same 4th generation X-Processor found on the X-T3. Eye-detection AF is now supported when shooting in AF-C mode, allowing you to accurately track and maintain focus on moving subjects.”

“The X-T30 features the same premium fit and finish that we’ve come to expect from Fujifilm cameras, although it lacks the weather sealing and image stabilization that can be found on higher-end, X-series models. Despite its diminutive size, Fuji has made the thumb rest more pronounced, giving you much better purchase on the camera body when compared to the X-T20.”

“Additionally, due to the X-T30 being smaller, I found my nose coming into contact with the rear touchscreen much more often than when shooting with the X-T3, annoyingly moving my AF point in the process. This happened frequently enough that I wound up having to disable the touch function. Photographers with smaller noses will obviously have less of a chance of running into this issue.”

Chris Gampat

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