Useful Photography Top #192: The Essential Tip For Shooting Street Photography With a Mirrorless Camera

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When shooting street photography, mirrorless cameras have always had one major default disadvantage. You’re shooting with the camera and by default there is an eye-sensor. Said sensor detects when your eye (or something) is near the viewfinder and the camera will switch from the LCD screen to primarily using the EVF. This in turn causes some delays with trying to get the shot. It’s not at all like using a DSLR where the OVF is always on and the same goes for a rangefinder.

So what do you do

To avoid any potential lag and to even help with keeping the camera active and ready to use, lock the camera to using the EVF only and not at all activate the LCD screen on the back. This will mean that when the camera is resting against your body or even in your hand that the EVF will be active and ready to shoot. Couple this with making the camera go to sleep only after a prolonged period of time, maybe say 5 minutes.

Then, every now and again just peek through the viewfinder to get a better understanding of your surroundings and how the EVF will render the scene.

If you want faster focusing, then I can’t recommend highly enough the zone focusing ability.

Zone focusing helps you get your subject in focus just by moving closer. It’s my favorite method of shooting street and can apply to anything and everything. It may be tougher to do with autofocus lenses but you can use the camera’s viewfinder to see a distance scale of how far away you’re focusing. Then just mentally keep that distance in mind as you’re moving about and shooting.

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Chris Gampat

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