Learn Deep Sky Photography in This Comprehensive Course

If astrophotography is your thing, you might want to support this project and learn from its extensive tutorial videos on deep sky photography.

Want to learn astrophotography but don’t know where to begin? There are lots of tutorials out there, but if you want to learn from experts who have been doing it for decades, here’s a Kickstarter project you might want to support. No complicated equipment and special software involved — all you need are this in-depth course, your DSLR or mirrorless camera, and Adobe Photoshop and you’re all set!

According to the Kickstarter campaign by Canadian telescope and astronomy dealer All-Star Telescope, they partnered with astronomy author and photographer Alan Dyer for the Deep-Sky with Your DSLR course. The campaign follows the company’s previous Kickstarter-funded course in 2016, titled Nightscapes and Time Lapse. The new multi-hour video course aims to teach you how to shoot stunning deep-sky images using simple star trackers and guided telescopes on computerized mounts. It’s an ideal learning resource for both beginners and those who have been shooting astrophotography for a while but have been unsatisfied with their results.

Alan Dyer shooting one of the demo images used in the course.

The Hercules Cluster, taken by Alan Dyer

The Orion Nebula, taken by Alan Dyer

The course is based around a workshop delivered to a live audience

With an estimated total running time of 8 hours, the course will cover everything from choosing your camera and lenses, to best practices for stellar images, and processing your images. Not using Adobe Photoshop? The workflow for this course also applies to other image editing software like Affinity Photo or ON1 Photo Raw.

Interested in this comprehensive guide to taking your photography to the stars? A minimum pledge of CA$100 (about US$75) will get you a digital download and streaming pass of the full tutorial. All-Star Telescope and Alan Dyer are expected to deliver the course in April 2019.

Visit the Deep-Sky with Your DSLR Kickstarter campaign for more details on the course and pledge your support.


Photos from the Kickstarter campaign by All-Star Telescope