Przemyslaw Kruk Shares His “Misty Impressions” of Austria’s Ötztal Alps

All images by Przemyslaw Kruk. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Poraj-based Przemyslaw Kruk has been one of our go-to landscape photographers for breathtaking mountain scenery, and he continues to wow us with his recent works. One of these is his collection of dreamy snaps of the Ötztal Alps, a mountain range traversing Austria and Italy. It’s definitely a fitting addition to our growing list of landscape photography to look out for, so you might want to check this set out if the genre is particularly interesting for you.

Previously, we’ve seen Kruk’s captivating monochrome snaps of the Dolomites and the Tatra Mountains. In both sets, the absence of color enabled him to command our attention to the shapes, curves, textures, and jagged terrain of these famous mountain locations. This newer collection may be shot in color, but the effect is still mostly evident. Aptly titled Misty Impressions, the set was taken during the autumn and winter months along the Timmelsjoch mountain pass in the Ötztal Alps.

As the title suggests, the star of this beautiful collection is certainly the dreamy mood coming from the clouds and fog. In some of the photos, the earthy palette adds a lovely contrast to the scene. In others, the clouds appear to be skillfully done brush strokes enveloping the snow-capped peaks and slopes, giving the scenes a painterly feel. All in all, Kruk’s Misty Impressions is a fine example of what gets many of us wanting to scale mountain locations in search of such awe-inspiring vistas to capture.

In the mood for more dreamy and surreal landscape work? Kruk has also dabbled in infrared photography to create another standout body of work. Alternately, you may also be interested in Paolo Pettigiani’s version of the Dolomites and its surrounds in stunning infrared.

Visit Przemyslaw Kruk’s Behance portfolio and Facebook page for more of his outstanding landscape work.