Przemyslaw Kruk Showcases the Surreal Beauty of Infrared Photography

All images by Przemyslaw Kruk. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Sometime in your photography journey, you’ll stumble upon the otherworldly imagery made possible by infrared photography. If you find yourself drawn to dreamlike sceneries, you’ll surely enjoy the works of Polish photographer Przemyslaw Kruk and his infrared landscapes in particular.

Przemyslaw’s landscape snaps are all impressive, but among the standout ones are his infrared photos of trees and fields in Poland. One look at the pale leaves and grass and you’re instantly transported into an alternate world. If you think about it, that’s probably the best way to explain what’s special about this imaging technique. By using a camera or film that is sensitive to infrared light, photographers like Przemyslaw shows us a world bathed in a light spectrum invisible to our naked eyes.

Everything about Przemyslaw’s photos are hauntingly beautiful. The trees stand tall, crowned by their pale foliage. The entire landscape is carpeted by ghostly grass, with the sky in a dreamy blue hue as the backdrop. In some of the photos the sky is painted a deep, dark blue, creating the effect of day for night cinematic technique. It’s the stuff that makes infrared photography popular for those who are after a unique and extra creative look.

While infrared photography can also be done in black and white, there’s no doubt it looks especially surreal in color. I think Przemyslaw did well in choosing to render Polish landscapes in this eerie color palette. I’d like to see what he can do playing around with different infrared filters, and how he’d fare with infrared films still out there, somewhere. Hopefully, he’ll do more infrared landscape photography soon!

If you enjoyed this set and would like to see more of his landscape photography, do check out Przemyslaw Kruk’s Behance portfolio and Facebook page to follow his work.