Przemyslaw Kruk Captures the Mystic Beauty of Tatra Mountains

All images by Przemyslaw Kruk. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The mountains are a favorite of many landscape and travel photographers not only for their scenic charm, but also for their unique mood and energy. Whether in color or black and white, and whatever the chosen medium, the goal of every landscape photographer is to capture the mystic beauty they find in every jagged peak and gentle slope. Przemyslaw Kruk shows us what it’s like on his side of the world through his impressive display of the mountainside in Poland.

Poraj-based Przemyslaw is among the landscape photographers with a natural affinity to the magical imagery of the outdoors. Not so long ago, we’ve placed the spotlight on his otherworldy sceneries captured using infrared photography. This time, we follow him around the misty, snow-capped trails of the Tatra Mountains with another beautiful collection of landscape photos.

The Tatra Mountains hold the distinction of being the highest mountain range in the Carpathians, a chain of mountain ranges that spans 1,500 kilometers across Central and Eastern Europe. They also form a natural border between Slovakia and Poland. Przemyslaw joins the roster of artists who have drawn inspiration from the Polish side of the Tatras throughout history.

Titled Man in the Mountains, the series is a monochrome story of man’s fascination with the harsh but hypnotic allure of the mountains. In each of the photos, we see the white peaks dwarf the men navigating the jagged terrain, and blankets of fog envelope the scenery around them. The explorers are also specks in comparison to the entire landscape they seem to be getting lost and engulfed in. One can say it’s a testament to the grandeur of nature for which man always finds himself overwhelmingly drawn to.

Do visit Przemyslaw Kruk’s Behance portfolio to see more of his outstanding landscape photography.