Traversing “A World on Rails” with Street Photographer Skander Khlif

All images by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following the works of street and documentary photographer Skander Khlif for some time now, tagging along in his adventures around his hometown of Munich and destinations like Moscow and New York City. In his latest set, he lets us hitch rides aboard trains across the globe, en route to a destination simply called A World on Rails. If you’re looking for a photography project to do on your trips, you might get an idea from this collection.

As the title suggests, A World on Rails is a collection of Khlif’s train snaps from his travels. It’s most likely inspired by an earlier series of portraits that he took in while in a train bound for Jaipur in India. While that set features soulful portraits of lone passengers, this more recent collection shows an interesting variety of scenes. Not only do we see passengers captured in different states of activity; we also get a glimpse of what train stations around the world look like. The snaps from Japan stand out in particular with details like Mt. Fuji in the background and a kimono-clad passenger.





New York City







The most noteworthy feature of this collection is Khlif’s excellent use of the coach windows as a framing device. It’s a classic technique in street photography, but it’s still refreshing to see when done as skillfully and creatively as he did in all these photos. The best examples are the ones from New York City, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, and Tunis. In these snaps, we see him play with colors, framing, and other elements that complement the subjects or make the entire scene interesting.

Don’t forget to check out Skander Khlif’s Behance portfolio and website to see more of his outstanding street photos from around the world.