The Umbrill Active Pack Is a Shock-Proof Camera Backpack with a Built-In Airbag

The Umbrill Active Pack is a camera backpack that brings protection and functionality to the next level with its built-in airbag.

If a camera backpack is your carrying bag of choice, there are now plenty of options. The latest of these is the Umbrill Active Pack, an innovative backpack that claims to be the world’s best, intuitively designed bag with a built-in air cushion to provide safety, functionality, and comfort. It could be an interesting choice if you’re still looking for a camera backpack to serve your needs.


For the creators of the Umbrill Active Pack, it’s not enough to simply have a sleek-looking camera backpack with ample space for your photography gear. This is why they designed the intuitive Active Pack backpack to have an additional layer of protection: a built-in airbag to serve as a cushion and added protection for your precious camera and other photography gear. This way, your gear is safe from external shocks due to falls, unfortunate incidents, and accidents.

According to Umbrill’s Kickstarter campaign for the Active Pack, their air-cushion technology was developed through several experiments and field tests by professional photographers who aimed for excellent protection without the added weight or volume. The air-cushioned removable insert pack is inflated by an air blower that is also used for cleaning your camera gear. You can adjust the air pressure as necessary.


As for its design, the Umbrill Active Pack was also made for ergonomics, functionality, fast access, and spacious storage. The camera side compartment ensures that you can quickly reach for your camera without fully removing or setting down the bag. It also features an intelligent layout with several pockets for securing accessories and personal items, as well as fleece-lined pockets for mobile phones and a laptop, and hidden pockets for valuables like passports and wallets. It also comes with a tripod attachment to keep your tripod secured tightly to the bag. Lastly, the Active Pack also doubles as an everyday bag, as you can simply take out the insert pack and use it as you would a regular backpack.

Think the Umbrill Active Pack is the camera backpack for you? Check out the Kickstarter campaign to find out more and grab it at the Super Early Bird price of $179.

Photos from the Umbrill Active Pack on Kickstarter