Cheap Photo: Save Hundreds With These Presets, Guides, and Overlays

Save time and money with these outstanding Lightroom Preset and Photoshop overlay software deals.

As photographers we like being behind the camera more than in front of a computer. By using presets and overlays we can give our images a consistent look and feel, and we can get back outside, or back in the studio with our clients, much faster. Right now you can save a hundreds, and even thousands of dollars on some amazing Lightroom presets and Photoshop overlay bundles. The Mega Bundle of Lightroom Presets has over 9,000 presets for just $39! If you prefer to use Photoshop you can score over 3,000 overlays for the crazy low price of $39. If you have some winter shoots coming up and need some help with special effects the 1,700 Winter Overlays Bundle can be yours for $29. Perhaps you want to raise your Instagram game, or want to explore your creative side. If this sounds like you, check out all of the photography software deals after the break.

Using presets and overlays can save an untold amount of time in post processing. Whether you want to batch process a lot of photos so that they all have a uniform look, or give your images an extra layer of pop, these bundles will help you do that with a click of a mouse. The professional grade presets, overlays, and guides will help you wow your clients, and will take your images to the next level. Check out all of the photography software deals below.


Photography Software Deals


The Ultimate Boudoir Bundle For Photographers


This boudoir bundle is just what you need if you plan on starting, or want to improve, your own boudoir business. In this bundle you will find everything from contracts to promotional templates, and pre-written marketing emails to a posing guide. You can get all of this and more for just $29, which means you’ll save a whopping $320!

Buy now ($29): Photowhoa


Mega Bundle Of 9,000 Pro Lightroom Presets


This massive bundle of Lightroom presets will ensure that you will have just about every effect possible. From summer to vintage, and HDR to cinematic looks, this piece of photography software has it all. Boost your creativity and save precious time in Lightroom with this bundle of presets. For just $39 it can be all yours! Don’t miss out on this deal.

Buy now ($39): Photowhoa


3,000+ Unique Photo Overlays Bundle


Do you sometimes wish your images had that extra little bit of magic in them? If so this Unique Photoshop Overlays Bundle could be for you. It has everything from bokeh balls to rainbow overlays, and light leaks to water colors. You’ll never run out of ideas with this amazing collection of overlays. For just $39, this deal is hard to pass up.

Buy now ($39): Photowhoa


A Winter Bundle of Unforgettable Overlays


This bundle of overlays could not come at a better time. We all love those dreamy portraits out in the falling snow, but what if mother nature doesn’t cooperate? That’s where the Winter Bundle of Unforgettable Overlays comes in to play. This bundle will enable you to recreate the look and feel of winter from the comfort of your warm home. Add magical falling snow, or give an image a frozen feel with over 1,700 overlays that are included in this package. For just $29 this piece of photography software is a steal!

Buy now ($29): Photowhoa


1100+ Infinity Photoshop Overlays


If you’re after dramatic, modern effects, the 1,100+ Infinity Photoshop Overlays Bundle will be right up your alley. With this bundle you will be able to add glitch, grunge, impressionism, light stoke, sci-fi flares, and much more; all with the click of a mouse. For just $29, these seriously cool overlays will take your images to the next level.

Buy now ($29): Photowhoa


Khloe – Animated Instagram Stories



This bundle of animated Instagram templates will make your online marketing efforts so much easier. If you use the social media platform to promote your business, this bundle will help you attract attention for all the right reasons. The best part is that this amazing bundle is just $12! You can’t afford to not get this.

Buy now ($12): Photowhoa


Mega Bundle of 5,900+ Professional Lightroom Presets


Another bundle of Lightroom presets that is yet another piece of photography software you shouldn’t pass on, this bundle contains over 200 presets for portraits, over 200 film effects, over 150 premium black and white presets, and hundreds upon hundreds more. All of the presets are nicely sorted into categories so your favorites are easy to find. Within seconds your image can be transformed into a masterpiece. This bundle is also just $29, and would make a great gift for yourself, or for the photographer in your life this holiday season.

Buy now ($29): Photowhoa