These Fall Portrait Ideas Include Sunkissed Golden Hour Glow!

Want to make the most out of the fall season with a portrait session? You may want to get some ideas from these lovely fall portrait photography videos! 

With fall season afoot, it’s time once again for photographers to go on a mad scramble to the most stunning locations showcasing those golden foliage. Portrait photographers are no exception! It’s not surprising if autumn happens to be one of your favorite times of the year to shoot, so we’ve put together some nice behind the scenes videos by Xing Liu to inspire your fall portrait photography!

Sacramento-based Liu actually has a lot of fall portrait photography videos on his YouTube channel so there are plenty of materials for us to get inspired with. For today, we’ve put together a selection of our favorites from this year and the previous year.

These videos are fine examples of how you can get the mood, colors, and look of the fall season in your portrait photography. Liu shows us how we can achieve this, whether we’re shooting in a beautiful location with lots of autumn foliage, or in the city where there may be more urban scenes for backgrounds. Based on these videos, we’ve come up with some quick tips that you can try if you want to give it a go yourself:

  1. Shoot during the afternoon on nice sunny days. Make sure to catch the Golden Hour!
  2. Have a variety of focal lengths ready so you can take advantage of the location.
  3. Get your models dressed for the season. This means lots of earthy colors like yellows, browns, deep reds, and even muted pinks. This way, the wardrobe will either complement the colors of the location or mirror the season’s colors if you’re shooting in an urban location.
  4. Bathe your shots with the golden sunlight! Experiment with placing the sun behind your model.
  5. Don’t forget to add in some bokehlicious snaps as well!

Do visit Xing Liu’s YouTube channel for more of his behind the scenes videos and other photography stuff!

Screenshot image from the video by Xing Liu