Watch Esteemed Dance Photographer Lois Greenfield Talk About Her Creative Vision

Dance photographer Lois Greenfield is joining us on Adorama TV next week. 

On November 7th, dance photographer Lois Greenfield will be joining us on Adorama TV for the latest episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind. Lois has been a dance photographer for many, many years and has been interviewed here before. So we’re doing something different: we’d like to call this a follow up interview more than anything else and seeing how Lois has evolved as a creative, understanding how she has developed her very unique creative vision, and what advice she has for the newer generation of photographers out there.

You can catch it live on Adorama TV on November 7th at 5pm EST by following the Phoblographer or Adorama on Facebook. Or join us live at the Adorama Event Space via EventBrite!

About Lois Greenfield

©2014 Lois Greenfield

In her exuberant and explosive pictures, Lois Greenfield captures not just the lithe and acrobatic forms of dancers performing their art, but the purity and exhilaration of movement itself. Without tricks or manipulation of any kind, she catches fleeting and seemingly impossible moments in a style that is both lyrical and graphic. Greenfield has been compared with Eadweard Muybridge for his exploration of human locomotion, and with Henri Cartier-Bresson for capturing the elusive moment. Unlike her predecessors however, her images depict but don’t refer to the “real” world. They are documents of her imagination.

Greenfield is from that seminal generation of female photographers of the 1970’s who made their mark on the field of photography by creating a radically new vision. In Greenfield’s case, working as a journalist for the Village Voice, she decided not to follow the conventions of traditional dance photography, but instead devised an entirely different signature approach that continues to influence young photographers today. Her experimentation resulted in the iconic, gravity-defying B&W images that radically redefined the genre, and influenced a generation of photographers.

©Lois Greenfield 2013

She has created signature images for most of the contemporary dance companies, from Alvin Ailey to American Ballet Theatre. Many of these images can be seen in her first two best-selling books, “Breaking Bounds” and “Airborne” (Thames & Hudson, 1992 and 1998) that remain classics to this day.
Her latest book, “Lois Greenfield: Moving Still”, from the same publisher, was released in 2015, and the accompanying exhibit has been on tour within the US, and to Russia, China, and Colombia.

About Inside the Photographer’s Mind

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