This Pocket Speedlight Bracket Is Small but Strong

Wishing for a speedlight bracket that’s small and light but will hold your gear securely? Look no further.

For today’s Kickstarter find, we stumbled upon this promising speedlight bracket being developed by John Kasko, a professional full-time photographer who had previously created and successfully funded two other projects that cater to the needs of photographers.

John’s latest project is called the Speedlight Pocket Bracket, and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. It’s said to be lighter and about 1/3 the size of the usual speedlight brackets, but in addition to it being small enough to literally fit in the back pocket of your jeans, it also promises to hold “almost any speedlight flash” securely.

On Kickstarter, John wrote, “Made from top grade aluminum and precision machined to absolute perfection, it is one piece of gear you will own for a lifetime.” It’s said to work well on its own but would also perfect to add any size umbrella modifier and any type of clamp with a standard ¼”20 thread.

It would also hold the weight of modifiers, big or small, so photographers don’t have to worry about their set-up sagging because the light would remain centered throughout.

Given these descriptions, photographers who often shoot on location might find this pocket bracket especially useful. Presumably, you’d then be able to carry as many brackets as you need conveniently, with everything fitting in your bag snugly. It probably won’t even be as heavy when compared to carrying the same amount of regular-sized brackets in one go.

John also makes this statement:

“No matter what type of modifiers you use, the Pocket Bracket works. There may be a few out of the 10,000 available that don’t work, we just haven’t found them yet.”

As of this writing, eight backers have already pledged a total of $631 out of $15,800 goal. There’s still plenty of time left as the project ends on November 9, so if the Speedlight Pocket Bracket sounds like something you’d like in your arsenal, swing by Kickstarter to learn more about it and to back the project!

Via Kickstarter.