Film35 Is Another Digi-FIlm Concept for Converting Film Cameras to Digital

The Film35 could be a more interesting option for film photographers who aren’t fans of digital backs.

Not quite sure about those bulky digital backs for your film cameras? Hong Kong-based The Realizes Co. have come up with a device called Film35, which they are currently funding on Kickstarter. It’s essentially a digital “film” that you simply load into your film camera, then shoot as usual. If it sounds a lot like the Yashica Y35 DigiFilm, we can say that it borrows the same concept of using a film roll to emulate the analog photography experience.

Film35 promises to combine the analog photography experience with the convenience of digital photography through a cartridge that is made in the size and shape of film rolls. It’s fitted with a CMOS APS-C sensor (which replaces the photo-sensitive emulsion of film), a micro SD card slot, battery, and a WiFi device. It connects to a smartphone through an app, which allows you to adjust the EV and ISO, and select a film preset style from a selection of six familiar and popular emulsions. See it in action in the campaign video below:



This simple and handy device looks especially promising for those who have just unearthed their old family cameras and are curious about how it works. Unlike camera backs, it doesn’t require any disassembly prior to “loading”, making it mostly easy to use. The Film35 also allows users to take as many photos as they want (and their micro SD cards will allow). Based on the visuals of the campaign, the photos taken can also be viewed through the Film35 App.


Seasoned film photographers may still find this device interesting, although I can imagine it forcing them to forego some shooting habits like checking the film counter and setting the ISO or EV.

Here are the specs of the Film35:

Sensor Format: CMOS (APS-C)

Image File Format: JPEG, RAW, RAW + JPEG

Image Resolution: 4240 x 2832 (12 MP, 3:2)

Exposure Compensation: -5.0EV to +5.0EV

ISO Settings: Auto, 100 – 12800

Memory Types: Micro SD

Usable Battery Types: Li-Ion Rechargeable

Battery Life: 150 shots

Product Size: 43 x 89 x 25 mm

External Connections: WiFi

And, here are some sample photos:

Think this is a project you would like to support? Head to the Film 35 Kickstarter campaign to find out more, see more sample photos, and make your pledge.


All images from the Kickstarter campaign by The Realizes Co.