Bjørg-Elise Tuppen’s “Visual Strangeness” Series Plays with Your Imagination

All images by Bjørg-Elise Tuppen. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Looking at her body of work, one could easily see that Bjørg-Elise Tuppen is inspired most by the Norwegian wilderness as well as her culture’s myths and legends. Aside from shooting dreamlike landscape photos, the Harstad, Norway-based photographer and graphic designer also creates images that combine contradicting elements. The results are nothing short of stunning and whimsical.


Such images can be seen in Bjørg-Elise’s recurring series, Visual Strangeness. Avid readers of Phoblographer might recall a set of images of the same name also by Bjørg-Elise that was featured here in 2016. She has since conceived several different treatments to her personal project, which now brings us to the seventh and latest installment: Encounters / VISUAL STRANGESS IIV. 

The premise behind all Visual Strangeness series is the same:

“Exploring the expressions created by combining contradicting and out of context elements.” 

As is her usual, Bjorg-Elise had set the Norwegian wilderness as her backdrop. This time around though, she had placed elements created with bright light. Everything’s still as surreal as the rest of her series but somehow this set feels even more so, with the elements made of light giving off a fleeting impression – blink and those horses, reindeer, and beings are gone. As if they’re only a figment of your imagination.

Bjørg-Elise first caught our attention with her ethereal landscape photos of Northern Norway in The Enchanted Land. We have featured some of her works here a few times since: her project interpreting Norway’s mythological beasts and legends and Arctic Silence, a moody and serene set of landscape images showcasing the moon rising above the beautiful Arctic landscape.

Swing by Bjørg-Elise Tuppen’s Behance portfolio to see her complete Visual Strangeness series as well as her many projects showcasing the beauty of Norwegian landscapes.