Visual Strangeness Presents Scenes Only Found in Dreams

All images by Bjørg-Elise Tuppen. Used with a Creative Commons License via Behance. 

Photography generally represents a reality that the photographer intends to illustrate. In the world of photo-manipulation where the possibilities are endless, it is up to the creativity and wild imagination of the artist to produce thought-provoking and often incredible reality in their work of art. Bjørg-Elise Tuppen blends the elements of mostly wild animals in their most unnatural habitat, resulting in strange and thought provoking environmental portraits of the wild animals in his series of Visual Strangeness.

The Visual Strangeness series explores the expressions created by combining contradictory and out of context elements. Think of a full-sized elephant from the wild African bushes being smacked right in the middle of a tropical beach, or a tall giraffe standing alone in a snowy road leading to a nearby frozen mountainous landscape, or a humongous sperm whale flying majestically over the sky. The false reality created, yet being represented so realistically was awe-inspiring. In today’s photography world being over-populated with the stereotypical genres such as sweeping panoramic landscapes, street photography, portrait photography and so on, it was indeed refreshing and fun at the same time to feast our eyes on a different, unique and “visually strange” images.

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