Hoya Launches New Solas IRND Infrared Neutral Density Filters

Today, Hoya USA is introducing Solas, a new series of IRND (Infrared Neutral Density) filters for photo and cinema cameras. According to their claims, the SOLAS series maintains neutral color transmission throughout the 1 to 10 stop density range while suppressing infrared contamination on the image.

Imaging digital sensors are sensitive to all forms of light, hence it is necessary to use neutral density filters to create certain desired creative effects during exposure. Using a ND filter that maintains a consistent color balance throughout the density range is critical to the post-production process, saving time and money for photographers and cinematographers alike. Furthermore, The Solas series suppresses infrared radiation which often presents itself in the form of red noise or difficult to correct color-shift in the shadow areas of the exposed image.

Exclusive to the USA, the Solas IRND fitlers are available in various densities and sizes, ranging from 0.3 (1-stop) to 3.0 (10-stop). For more information about Hoya Solas IRND filters, you may visit their website here.