Rebeca Camino Reimagines Futuristic Fashion Portraiture in Ethereal “Vacuum”

All images by Rebeca Camino. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When we speak of futuristic fashion portraiture, we typically expect it to be dominated by neon colors and/or space-themed elements. The moody works of Alexander Berdin-Lazursky and Elizaveta Porodina’s Neon Night are perfect examples. Once in a while, however, we come across some works that challenge this tried and tested formula, often with stunning results. It can be as stylized as Colin Anderson’s stylish Mission to Mars, or as simple yet ethereal as Vacuum by Rebeca Camino.

As with her previously featured set, futuristic Vacuum makes fine use of natural light to create bright and airy imagery. Instead of splashes of color to hint a cyberpunk visual narrative, Camino makes use of a simple, all-white setup — from the setting and the model’s styling and wardrobe. The natural light aids and amplifies this clean look, creating an impression of a sterile environment, like a spacecraft cleanroom bathed in bright lights. The only thing that hints at the story being space-themed is a possibly improvised glass helmet.

This sterile-looking atmosphere itself plays to the imagination about what could be happening in Vacuum. Are we looking at a space traveler wandering by herself in deep space? Has she just roused from her deep sleep, nearing her destination? Since she’s not even wearing a protective space suit, could she even be human at all?

I think what makes Camino’s Vacuum outstanding is how it managed to inspire an intriguing narrative like this despite being so simply made. It’s also another fine example of how natural light can work its magic for virtually any kind of idea we may have for a portrait project.

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