The Chroma Chrono Flash is for Photographers Who Love Flash and Color

Peep this product if you love playing with colored bursts of light in your work! 

If you’re someone who loves using flash to make colorful and creative photographs, our Kickstarter find for today would surely get you hyped up: the Chroma Chrono flash. The Chroma Chrono is developed by George Davis, a UK-based electronic engineer who runs a small electronics contractor that provides “electronics for the creative industries” called Pecelec. According to George, his experience with producing electronic circuits and assemblies as well as contacts with manufacturers help him with developing the product.

Now, what sets the Chroma Chrono apart from standard external flash units is that it’s a programmable multicolor flash – the world’s first, according to George – that allows its user to program up to 10 different colors for set amounts of time.

There are no complicated mechanisms, instructions, or the like to operate the product: it’s powered by 3 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries, with the LED bulbs easily replaceable by the users when they burn out.

Anyway, there are three simple steps to use the Chroma Chrono. First, the user must input the colors and the amount of time they want each color to appear using the app that George developed especially for his flash unit. Users can test out what they programmed by triggering the flash manually through the test button or through the app.

Second, the flash is mounted to the camera that’s programmed for long exposure photography. Lastly, well, fire away! George notes to not forget to move your subject or camera about to get those trippy effects in psychedelic colors.

Here are some sample photographs taken by George, which includes portraits and abstract-looking stills.

The Chroma Chrono sounds like an exciting, although a bit of a novelty, product especially for those who love experimenting with long exposure and in-camera effects, and I personally can’t wait to see how it turns out. If you love playing with colors, then this flash might be a better choice for you than using standard flashes and color gels that you could normally only use one sheet of at a time.

For more details on the Chroma Chrono flash, don’t forget to visit its Kickstarter page! As of this writing, only days remain for the project to reach its £15,000 (US $3,408) goal.

All images from the Chroma Chrono’s Kickstarter page.