Pygmalion Karatzas Presents a Geometric Showcase in His Architectural Photography

All images by Pygmalion Karatzas. Used with Creative Commons permission.

As we’ve already seen in a number of previous features, one of the most popular and interesting approaches to architectural photography involves a minimalist and abstract look in contrasty black and white. If this this is your favorite way to capture the beauty of architecture around you, the fine art photography of Greek architect and photographer Pygmalion Karatzas might just serve as today’s inspiration.

Joining our list of favorites from photographers like Taylor Luo, Fabio Giachetti, Daniel Garay Arango, Faraz Azhar, and Dennis Ramos is the fine art architectural photography of Pygmalion Karatzas, who we can imagine constantly gets inspired by his 12-year practice in architecture. He has also been focused on architectural and fine art photography since 2013, and the photos we see here are just a portion of his extensive portfolio so far.

Karatzas has observed that architectural photography has allowed both architects and the general public can now take part in observing and analyzing the evolution of architecture. However, he also mentions the other side of the coin, where the images themselves tend to dominate the genre’s main goal: experiencing architecture itself. To address this, Karatzas has made it his goal to inspire people to appreciate architecture more extensively through his work.

“My work aims to inspire people to not only view architecture as a two dimensional image representation but to motivate them to experience it more comprehensively. Long exposure photography and a fine art approach makes people slow down, observe buildings closer, do research and field survey, revisit locations under different light and weather conditions, and by doing so enriching their understanding and awareness of the built environment.”

Though his minimalist fine art approach, he has indeed made a skillful showcase of the beautiful geometry and artistic details that go into architectural elements. If these images have wowed you, go ahead and check out Pygmalion Karatzas’ website and Behance portfolio for more architectural photography inspiration.